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Working With Textures by EJ Lazenby

In the first part of this lecture Janey showed us a whole range of different textures that she has collected and showed the images that she has produced using the textures.

In the second half she demonstrated in Photoshop how to actually add the textures to the images including some images that club members had sent her during the first half of the evening. She also showed how to produce you own set of unique brushes.

Many members said that this was probably the best lecture that heyhad seen. If you'd like to see some of Janey's work she has a Youttube channel

or you can click this link to go to her website.
EJ Lazenby's Photography Site.

My Lockdown Photography Projects
by Phil Hadley

This week Club member Phil Hadley shared with us the different projects that he has undertaken during lockdown. Being restricted to taking photographs very close to home Phil set up a number of different projects in his garage and he shared his images with us.

Among the different projects undertaken were Spirograph images involving a swinging torch, Soap Bubbles, Water droplets, Christmas lights and Oil on water. Very interesting and very informative.

by Sue Clarke

Our latest Zoom meeting featured a return visit by Sue Clarke from North Wales who recently judged one of our Open competitions. This was an absolutely excellent lecture leading us throough many compositional 'rules', their origins and how they are used. Many of these 'rules' are older than photography and Sue showed how they were used by artists down the ages. Sue also explained how and when the 'rules' should be broken.
This talk is highly recommended by most members of the club that attended the lecture.

Monochrome Competition 2021

We recently held our annual Monochrome Competition which was very ably judged, via Zoom, by Staffordshire based wildlife photographer, ecologist and conservationist Scott Latham who was very complimentary about the standard of images entered.

Lone Beached Boat by Steve Finch
Lone Beached Boat by Steve Finch
 by Baden Bowen
The Scarecrow by Baden Bowen

In an entertaining evening Scott discussed the merits of each image, awarding marks out of twenty, and holding seven images back. He finally decided that the runner up was 'The Scarecrow' by Baden Bowen and that the winner was Steve Finch's image 'Lone Beached Boat'.

The Art of Macro
by Tony North

Tony joined us all the way from Salford via Zoom for a very entertaining and informative evening to discuss his approach to the art of macro photography. As well as showing us several of his very good images Tony gave us several useful tips about his approach and the methods he uses to obtain the images.
Tony North's Macro Site

The Art of Composite Photography
by Robert and Sharon Prenton-Jones

Our guest speakers joined us from North Wales via Zoom for a very entertaining evening were Robert and Sharon Prenton-Jones who each spoke for half of the evening on their respective works using Composite Photography.
They spoke about how they take their respective background images for compositing before they add their main subject and gave some very good tips on how to seamlessly composite the layers to create a very believable final image.
As has been stated before, if it hadn't been for lockdown and the surge in Zoom meetings we would probably never have seen this talk, which would have been a real loss.
Examples of their work can be seen at :-
Prenton-Jones Photography Site.

Orchids of Kent
by Ian Hadingham

We were treated to a very interesting talk about the orchids found in Kent by Club Member Ian Hadingham. Ian proved to be very knowledgeable about the orchids, where they could be found and how to photograph them. Very interesting!

1st Open February 2021

We have now held our first Open Competition of the 20/21 season via a Zoom session. In some ways having competitions judged via Zoom is advantageous in that we can have competitions judged by a wider set of judges. This proved the case last night when our competition was very ably judged by Susan Clark all the way from Wales.

Sunrise Swimmer by Dee Hogwood
Sunrise Swimmer by Dee Hogwood
Out of the Dust by Chris Allen
Out of the Dust by Chris Allen
The Stare by John Swanborough
The Stare by John Swanborough

Having had the images sent to her beforehand gave Susan time to edit copies of a selection of the images to demonstrate how her suggested edits would improve the images in the way she described. She had also taken the time to lookup via the internet the locations where some of the images were taken.

Susan marked the images as she commented and the three images shown all scored the maximum of 20 points. We found Susan to be a very competent judge and would certainly welcome her back in the future.

To see / download The scores from last night please click the link
1st Open 20/21 Results