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Thursday at 7:30pm

Next week we have a talk by Phil Hadley CPAGB BPE2*
entitled 'My Lockdown Nature Project'

For details of future weeks events please see the pProgram page.

 by Phil Hadley CPAGB
'Early Morning Dew on Marbled White' by Phil Hadley CPAGB BPE2*

PAGB Silver Selector's Medal for Phil Hadley CPAGB BPE2*

Phil Hadley recently entered four images in the Nature section of the 'National Shrewsbury Open Photography Exhibition 2021'.

The acceptance score in mthe Nature section was twelve and three of Phil's images scored eleven and were not accepted. These are good scores but it is tough to get an acceptance at this level.

His fourth image however 'Early Morning Dew on Marbled White' was awarded a PAGB Silver Selector's Medal.

Phil's previous best was a Bronze a few years ago so this was a new Personal Best and is another point towards his BPE3*.

Rules for the Competition on the theme : Colours of the Rainbow

Photos should be in a square format and presented in the order of colours of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

Each photo must be of a different subject, ie. not 7 photos of flowers, leaves, bikes, insects.

Each photo is a close up of part of the object/subject, and a small amount of another colour is allowed which may show context.

A photo can include a little bit of text or words, again to show some context

Joan suggests that members make a broad selection of photos of each colour where possible and then select to try to include the one thing which no other club member might have thought of - either the subject matter or the technique used to capture that subject.


Salon Success for Club Chairman Gary Stamp CPAGB

Gary Stamp has had his image "Mermaid in Training" listed in the 'Salon de Refusés' for the 2020 (run in 2021) PAGB Masters of Print Competition.

This is a selection from those high scoring pictures which were refused from the exhibition because there were already sufficient pictures of that style or because the entrant already had the one acceptance permitted. As you can see, this could easily have made up the chosen exhibition.

New Members

Even in these trying times the Club is always looking for new members. Anyone wishing to join the Club can get the necessary details by clicking on the link to email the Club Chairman.

Email the Chairman

Payments for Talks

Non-members who wish to watch an online talk hosted by Gateway Camera Club can do so by making a Paypal donation via the Donate button.