++ Dover's Camera Club ++

Sadly, the Club is now in the process of disbanding.

Currently, there are no future meetings planned.

Additions to the Program Page

Please check the Program page as there have been several recent additions

Chairman's Report 2023 from Gary Stamp

It has been another funny year - I have managed to cobble together some sort of a programme and persuaded Alan and Anthony to have us back at the Mill but this has always been under scrutiny due to failing numbers. Alan gives his time free and on some evening eight people were attending, not making it worthwhile for Alan to put in the hard work that he does.

We had a fairly respectable result in the Ross Cup considering we were not holding inhouse competitions. A couple of members have had some personal successes, Phil Hadley gaining his BPE*3 and DPAGB so well done Phil for that great achievement and I, myself finally gained the 50 acceptances to attain my BPE*1.

As mentioned I won't be standing for any committee position this time, I soldiered on over the last couple of years putting a programme together and dealing with my father's death and the subsequent nightmare that was dealing with probate.

I can't even remember how many years I have served on the committee - two and a half as Chairman, a couple of years as programme secretary and even press officer for a short time.

Time now to get the camera back in my hand and do a tiny bit of travelling in the U.K. and get some twenties!!

I do hope the club will continue, I will still support it as an active member and submitting work as required for competitions etc.

For now, I thank Guy Peto for his hard work as Treasurer, Arthur Woodard as my right hand man stepping in to announce guests when i have been absent, Mik Jones for keeping the website up to date. Phil Hadley and others who have prepared the Mill ready for our evenings and to all of the members who have shown up be it Zoom or live meetings and supported the club. And last, but no means least Alan for staying throughout the evening on club nights and Anthony at the Mill in allowing us to use the venue.'

DPAGB Success for Phil Hadley

Club member Phil Hadley has just learned that the panel he put forward to the PAGB was successful and he is now a DPAGB.

Recent Talks

We were recently treated to an another excellent talk by Steve Reeve, with example prints on the subjects of 'Drone Photography' and a demonstration of flying his drone. More excellent images by an expert in his field.

Another excellent talk via Zoom by Kevin Pigney, who demonstrated how h edits his images using a combination of the new features in Lightroom coupled with some clever tweaks using Photoshop. Lots of clever methods to subtly modify your images.

We were recently treated to an excellent talk by Steve Reeve, with example prints on the subjects of 'Landscape and Wildlife Photography'. Excellent images by an expert in his field.

We were recently fortunate enough to have a talk by Matt Arnold on the subject of 'Landscape Photography'. Using examples from early 19th century Old Master paintings right through to modern day photographs Matt illustrated how and why Landscape Photography has developed into what it is today.

 by Joan Weston
'Still Life with Silver Jug' by Joan Weston

Old Masters

At the end of last season one of our speakers, Pat Couder, set us a challenge to produce a still life image to mimic an 'Old Master' painting.

Joan Weston has produced this image based on 'Still Life with Silver Jug' by Willem Kalf.

Joan admits that she doesn't have a silver jug so had to improvise with a silver wine cooler.

Phil Hadley CPAGB BPE3*

Following 3 acceptances into the Robin Hood British Photographic Exhibition Phil has finally attained his BPE3*. He also received an award for his 'OIL AND WATER SUNRISE' image.

Phil has decided to take a break from the BPE Circuit for a while as he is quite busy at the moment and he would need another 100 acceptances to reach the next BPE award.

Phil also entered 20 prints and 20 PDI's into the KCPA Exhibition and managed 27 acceptances.

His image 'EARLY MORNING DEW ON MARBLED WHITE' received a PAGB Gold Medal, while an image of a fungus, 'VARIABLE OSTERLING' received a PAGB Ribbon and his spider image, 'FOUR SPOTTED ORB WEAVER' got a Highly Commended.

 by Phil Hadley CPAGB BPE3*
'Oil and Water Sunrise' by Phil Hadley CPAGB BPE3*
 by Gary Stamp CPAGB
'Ready to Feed' by Gary Stamp CPAGB

Gary Stamp CPAGB

Chairman Gary Stamp entered 12 images into the KCPA Exhibition and of these 4 were accepted for the Exhibition including 'READY TO FEED' which was awarded a PAGB Gold Medal.